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Company Overview

Originally founded with the mission to raise enough capital to fund orphanages in Africa, over time Aerial recognized the opportunity to positively impact local communities in meaningful ways through development. Urban development has a substantial impact on communities, and by activating their position, Aerial has realized the potential to transform. Essentially, Aerial understands the value in being a “triple threat” – making social impact across the globe, making social impact in local communities where they build, and harnessing the power of capitalism to continue to make change.

The evolution of the company’s vision: Aerial’s humble beginning was in the renovation business. By purchasing and renovating single-family homes across greater Nashville, the company was able to scale and in the process learned how to identify specific neighborhoods that needed revitalization. Once blighted homes were made beautiful, the atmosphere of the neighborhoods began to change. Aerial saw this and decided they wanted to make an even bigger positive impact. This decision was the stepping stone that led to infill.

Though infill has become a booming business for Aerial they had global initiatives and wanted to reach the next level of impact. The team saw a need for intentionality in building healthy places with a focus on addressing social needs through innovative projects. Aerial is proving that a development “rooted in purpose” is the model of the future for successful projects through their cottage development, East Greenway Park. As Nashville’s first health and wellness community, it was designed to tackle one of Tennessee’s biggest issues, ranking #4 in the US for the highest rating of obesity. Construction has begun on 62 single-family homes in a neighborhood that creates an active and healthy lifestyle for residents and neighbors by incorporating connections to Shelby Bottoms Greenway and the Music City Bikeway, wide sidewalks, outdoor fitness equipment, community gardens, and environmentally friendly, active home design.

Aerial’s model has proved to be transformative even in the multifamily and mixed-use industries. The company harnessed opportunities which expanded their footprint outside of Nashville in the southeast corridor over the last 12 months. Aerial’s vision is to support holistic life improvement by offering opportunities to live, connect, and grow. Tenants are being empowered and positively impacted as a direct result of choosing to live in an Aerial property.

Corporate Bio’s

Britnie Turner, Founder & CEOBritnieTurner

Britnie Turner is an innovative business professional who believes in the power of making business a force for good. Turner founded Aerial Development Group at the age of 21 in Nashville, Tennessee and has since constructed over 250 homes, has begun site work on a 62-home cottage development, and has most recently taken ground in the multi-family and mixed-use development markets. In partnership with Horizon Initiative, a non-profit organization rescuing and empowering orphaned children to self-sustainability through a micro-community model, Aerial sponsors an orphan in the name of the homebuyer for every home they sell as part of their social venture business approach. The name ‘Aerial’ represents Turner’s ideal way of looking at business and the world:rising above the current situation and keeping the big picture in mind. Aerial revitalizes the urban core in an effort to make neighborhoods healthier, safer, and stronger. The company understands the value in collaborating with the surrounding community to improve and activate neighborhoods with innovative home designs, sustainable features, new sidewalks and connections to parks and greenways. Turner is fiercely passionate about doing her part to create meaningful solutions that positively contribute to both business purpose and overall quality of life for all of Aerial’s stakeholders.


Turner was named a 2014 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, a national competition and ongoing executive leadership program that identifies a select group of high-potential women entrepreneurs whose businesses show real potential to scale.The Council on Workforce Innovation named Turner its 2014 Woman to Watch, recognizing her as “a woman in the workplace under the age of 35 making significant contributions both professionally and in the community, and also serving as a role model for other young female leaders.” In 2014, Glamour recognized Turner as a “Hometown Hero, one of 50 phenomenal women of the year who are making a difference.” The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation named her one of Nashville’s Top 30 Under 30. Turner serves on the board of Horizon Initiative. She is a frequent speaker for REIN, a not-for-profit that supports real estate investors in Tennessee. She also is an active member of the Women’s Presidents Organization, Urban Land Institute Nashville District Council, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and Greenways for Nashville.


Yogi Dougher, a financial and real estate industry veteran, is Aerial Development Group’s Chief Investment Officer.

YogiDougherYogi Dougher, CIO

As CIO for the residential and commercial real estate development company, Dougher manages and monitors Aerial Development Group’s investment activity, financial relationships and land acquisitions, and guides the company’s growth and expansion into other markets.

Dougher has more than 30 years of experience in the real estate and financial industry including analyzing and financing investments, advising and funding small businesses, and owning and operating businesses.

Most recently, he opened and operated the Nashville office for First Advantage Bank. He has also held positions with US Bank, The Bank of Nashville and First Union/Wachovia Bank. As managing partner of Angel Capital Group, Dougher facilitated the funding of promising small business startups through a nationwide network of angel investors.

Dougher is co-host for WTVF’s weekly Real Estate, Real Talk educational and call-in show and is an instructor and speaker for Real Estate Investors of Nashville.