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NAWRB Names Britnie Turner 2016 Winner of The Charleston Award

NAWRB Names Britnie Turner 2016 Winner of The Charleston Award

NAWRB Names Britnie Turner 2016 Winner of The Charleston Award

Britnie Turner, Founder & CEO of Aerial Development Group*, has been named the 2016 recipient of The Charleston Award on behalf of the National Association of Women in Real Estate Business. This award from NAWRB is part of their annual Roaring Twenty Awards:

These awards are for the women changing the game and breaking down barriers that stand before them. Almost a century after the Roaring Twenties we continue working for equal opportunities and representation. The pioneers of the women’s movement may no longer be with us, but as the leaders of yesterday make their exit, the leaders of tomorrow will rise.

The best way to lead is by example and our Roaring Twenty Award winners are innovators eradicating the misguided stereotypes and obstacles burdening women today. These winners create success even under continually imbalanced and disadvantageous conditions, display the unlimited potential of women in business and set the stage for tomorrow’s female entrepreneurs.


The Charleston celebrates a woman who tirelessly gives back to her community, successfully swinging between her professional and personal life. She never sacrifices the time she donates to charitable organizations and her local community.

The National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses (NAWRB) is a leading voice for women specializing in the housing ecosystem. NAWRB is providing women the tools and opportunities for economic expansion and growth, while advocating and promoting women-owned businesses and increasing women’s homeownership.

*Aerial Development Group is Nashville’s #1 residential infill development company. We have grown significantly over the last 3 years and have quickly become the industry leader for social enterprise real estate development. Aerial is a triple-bottom line company that is dedicated to revitalizing urban neighborhoods and tackling social issues through the power of the built environment. Successful because of our collaboration with neighbors and community leaders, we work hard to mindfully transition what was once known as blighted areas into happy, healthy, walkable neighborhoods where residents are proud to live. The heart and driving force behind the company lies in the long-term vision to positively transform both the economic environment and international perspective for developing nations.