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Aerial Development Group Wins 2016 Preservation Award

Aerial Development Group Wins 2016 Preservation Award

Aerial Development Group received a Preservation Award [Infill category] from Nashville’s Metropolitan Historical Commission during their 41st annual awards ceremony on May 4th, 2016, a particularly special year as the commission celebrates their 50th anniversary. ADG Preservation Awards 2016

About the property:

1518 Long Avenue | Aerial Development Group

History of the building/structure:

The Aerial team lives in the community where they build. They get to know their neighbors. Aerial supports the area businesses, and derives inspiration and design ideas by walking the neighborhood. Aerial loves East Nashville for its character and because of its history. They wanted to build something that would contribute to that historic character in this neighborhood.

This home built on Long Avenue in East Nashville is an example of inspiration that comes from the neighborhood. It’s also what the neighbors requested for replacing the trailer that previous occupied the site. The home was designed as a replica based on a historic home in East Nashville that was built around 1905.


Description of work:

Aerial installed a custom stained glass window, designed by a local Nashville artist, in the front of the house. Aerial also provided historic corbels to support the mantel over the fireplace and wrapped the floor-to-ceiling fireplace in repurposed barn wood from a local vendor. The peek-a-boo fireplace separates the dining room from the living room while making the entire downstairs feel open and connected. The floating barn wood shelves in the kitchen are from a historic building in downtown Nashville that was built in 1859.

Created by their in-house design team, the 1905 replica has a welcoming front porch and Victorian architectural details. The interior highlights locally sourced materials and crafted features. The home also features unique lighting fixtures found at local antique stores. From the exterior home design to the small details throughout the inside, this house embodies the nostalgic and yet renewed sense that is characteristic of this creative side of town.